Foramatron® Apex Locator

  • Precisely pinpoints the apical constriction using high and low frequency bands.
  • Ergonomic, aseptic design.
  • LED illuminated display for easy viewing.
  • Four distinct audio signals reinforce the indicator lights.
  • Reliable results even in the presence of all types of fluids.
  • Uses a replaceable, inexpensive 9-Volt battery.
  • Includes detachable autoclavable cables.


The Next Generation of Precision Endodontics.
Electronic apex locators have become so reliable in measuring root canals in relation to the apical foramen that to operate without one is almost unheard of. The popularity has increased as the devices have become more accurate—especially in the presence of fluid within the canals.

The Foramatron® uses high and low frequency bands to accurately pinpoint the apical constriction even in canals filled with blood, sodium hypochlorite, anesthetic solution, saliva, exudate, EDTA, RC Prep® and more.

When the tip of your file approaches the foramen, the digital display begins tracking the progress down the canal with green lights and distinct audible sounds. As you get closer to the apical constriction, the lights switch to an orange color indicating “caution”. The “beep” changes making the distinction clear. When the tracking light turns red, another distinct audible sound will occur. This means STOP! You’ve reached the foramen. If you happen to ignore the readout and continue down the canal, the audible sound will be continuous and the lights will turn orange indicating that you’ve penetrated the apex. The volume of the device may be adjusted accordingly, if you decide just to use the visual display or vice versa.

And if this isn’t enough to entice you, the Foramatron also self-calibrates for each patient and each tooth. Its efficient circuitry and low-current signal won’t cause patient discomfort and won’t drain the battery, which, by the way, is a simple, easy-to-replace 9-volt that you can purchase almost anywhere. The unit warns you when the battery is low and also puts itself into a sleep mode when not used for about 20 minutes.

Foramatron® Apex Locator


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