AirStar AERO

AirStar Aero Oil-Free Air Compressor

This oil-free air compressor is a robust, high-performing membrane drying system. It is fully automatic and supplies dry and clean air of the best quality. The patented pressure control valve ensures a long lifespan even when used at fluctuating pressures.


  • 100% continuous running operation
  • Extremely dry air supply
  • Low purge air consumption yielding high energy efficiency
  • Low pressure dew-point ≤ 5°C (41°F) (at 40°C ambient temperature)
  • Water separator with integrated automatic condensate drainage (Model AERO-100 / AERO-200 only)
  • Maintenance-free operation – change intake air filter only once a year
  • Plug and Play for immediate operation
  • Long lifespan and 100% duty-cycle
  • Low noise level even at high pressure
  • Oil-free technology
AirStar AERO


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